Euroaccounts Success Story

Essence has achieved strong sales growth and expanded across the European Union

Essence Group is one of the world leaders in security and IoT platforms, monitoring, and teleassistance. Through its commitment to innovation and quality, it has developed the best technology to serve people.

Essence and Euroaccounts: Strategic Partnership for Growth

Customer Profile: Leader in Security and IoT

The growth plans they had established and the desire for their subsidiary in Spain to channel its expansion throughout the EU highlighted the need for a partner to delegate financial and administrative management to, and rely on for compliance with all tax, legal, and labor obligations.

Essence - Caso de éxito

Financial and administrative needs

Overcoming Barriers to European Expansion

The company lacked a financial department to handle its accounting according to Spanish requirements and to provide all the financial information required by its parent company.

Additionally, it was also necessary to engage an external advisor for payroll processing and to ensure compliance with all tax obligations.

In 2015, the need for an external partner became evident with the aim of not over-sizing its structure and being able to cover the following tasks:

Financial structuring and Analytical Accounting

A Comprehensive Solution by Euroaccounts

The solution proposed by Euroaccounts to the challenges identified in our initial meetings was to establish different teams of experts for each area, with a coordinator serving as the main point of contact with the client and its parent company.

In this way, the different lines of action in which the various Euroaccounts teams operate are as follows:

The transformative impact of Euroaccounts' services on Essence's operations has led to sustained growth and expansion.

Successful Expansion into the European Market

Organizational Integration

Euroaccounts has become an essential part of the organization, collaborating closely with the parent company.

European Expansion

Implementación de las mejores prácticas en cierres mensuales y cumplimiento de obligaciones formales.

Financial Innovation

Redesign and adaptation of financial information in response to new demands, maintaining a high level of quality.

Specialized Consultancy

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