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EUROACCOUNTS offers a wide range of services: accounting, tax, labour, financial and outsourcing services for small and medium-sized companies and international groups that require highly qualified professionals.

  •  Annual Accounts
  • Cash Flows
  • Budgets
  • Reconciliations   
  •  Taxes        
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Due Diligence Fiscal
  • Tax Consolidation

  • Payroll
  • Termination of employment
  • Contracts
  • Legal Secretariat


Compliance with Spanish legislation, preparation of financial reports and reports in IFRS or US Gaap’s.

Our basic services include keeping accounts in accordance with commercial and tax legislation with the highest quality, which involves detailed monitoring of accounts receivable and payable, bank reconciliations, depreciations, provisions, payroll, and accounting closures. We will periodically provide you with all the accounting information that allows you to analyse your business from a financial point of view, in addition to our constant advice on improving ratios and other critical indicators. Finally, we take care of the preparation and presentation of official books and Annual Accounts, as well as any other legal requirements before other public bodies (Bank of Spain, CNMV, etc.).

In addition, our team of professionals is familiar with the most widespread ERPs on the market, such as SAP, AX or X3 among others, so we offer you the possibility of outsourcing all or part of the accounting processes of your company and always within your business environment while maintaining the confidentiality and security of the data.

At EUROACCOUNTS we have professionals specialised in the preparation of financial reports in several languages and with different accounting criteria. We can assist you in the conversion of local information to other formats for sending the information to the parent company (IFRS, US GAAP’s, etc.). We are specialists in providing our clients with a wide range of financial packages including budgets, rolling forecasts, cash-flows, Consolidation, etc. With the right level of detail, we can advise you on your strategic planning and, ultimately, you will be able to have financial management in your company at a much lower cost



Planning in accordance with current legislation with maximum tax benefits

EUROACCOUNTS can help you to carry out tax planning in accordance with current legislation and ensure that your company enjoys all the tax benefits available. We take care of the completion and filing of all taxes such as VAT, Corporate Income Tax, Personal Income Tax, local taxes, etc. Our team of professionals will ensure that you are up to date with all your tax obligations by providing you with our management tools and coordinating all available resources.

EUROACCOUNTS also has its own methodology for tax audits in the event that you need to carry out a specific review during the process of corporate sales and purchases.

Our tax services range from the preparation and filing of all taxes and tax obligations, to transfer pricing reports, tax consolidation, or taxation for non-residents. We take care of managing the notification mailbox and assist you in any type of tax review or inspection.



Complete outsourcing service for labour management and consultancy.

At EUROACCOUNTS we believe that the most important asset of any organisation is the people that make it up and, therefore, having an efficient and complete management of your workforce will allow you to maintain talent and facilitate the achievement of the objectives set.

Drafting of employment contracts and their communication to the State Public Employment Service, registration and deregistration of workers with the Social Security, communication and management of incapacity, maternity/paternity leave or accidents at work, to the preparation of monthly pay slips, reporting and the preparation and presentation of the different related taxes.

We advise you during the hiring and contract renewal process in order to apply the most beneficial modality, as well as for senior management or expatriate contracts. We assist you in any kind of dismissal process, employment regulations, labour inspections or in obtaining subsidies.

EUROACCOUNTS can provide you with due diligence reports or advice on social security labour law. We are at your disposal for any consultation that requires an expert professional.



Outsourcing as a highly specialised business strategy

Outsourcing the administration of the company allows you to be more efficient by concentrating resources on the key aspects of your business, increasing profitability by reducing costs that in many cases end up being unproductive and inefficient. It also allows you to transform certain fixed costs into variable costs through a flexible structure with access to highly qualified resources.

In short, EUROACCOUNTS can provide a competitive advantage to its clients through its Outsourcing services by providing high added value in certain tasks at a reduced price.



The best way to carry out the administrative management of your company.

EUROACCOUNTS provides its clients with a series of legal services aimed at complementing the administrative management of your company. In fact, we help and advise you in the incorporation of your company, and we provide a legal secretarial service and/or registered office and tax domiciliation. To this end, we guide you through the entire process of setting up your company, from the Notary’s office to registration with the Inland Revenue and the settlement of the corresponding taxes and, subsequently, we will advise you on the preparation of the Minutes of the Board of Directors and the General Meeting and on the preparation of basic legal documentation (change of directors, change of address, change of activity, etc.)